Best Party Themes For 2014

If you are planning to hold some amazing parties this year then getting the theme right is going to guarantee this. Theme for your party will make the planning a lot easier and will provide plenty of fun for the guests. Here are some fantastic themes to consider for your parties in 2014.

party is jumping

Winter Olympics

As 2014 is the year for the Winter Olympics it is also going to be a great year for a party themed after this great occasion. Olympic themed party is really simple to organise. Just make simple invitations and ask for your guests to come dressed according to the Olympic spirit.

You can decorate the flat by using the Olympic rings and the ring colours as a starting point. You can also make a small candle centrepiece and call it your very own Olympic fire. Find some more inspiration from the official website for the Sochi Olympics.

Football Carnival

Another great sporting occasion in 2014 is the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil during the summer. This will provide you with another great party theme. Make green and yellow invitations and tell your guests to either dress up in samba clothing or come as their favourite football player.

You can play a lot of samba music at the party and have yellow and green decorations around the flat. Brazil is also famous for some great carnival food so prepare some amazing snacks and cocktails for the party. You can find a lot of nice recipes at the

As entertainment you could organise a football quiz or even test the skills of your guests outside or with a gaming console. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know that much about the sport; this is just a fun way of exploring new things!

A Scottish Party

Having different cultures of the world as a theme for your party is a good idea since there are plenty of options to choose from. In 2014 one nation you should consider as a theme for your party is definitely Scotland. Scotland will hold its referendum of becoming an independent nation in 2014 and so having a party with a Scottish theme is a fun idea.

Use blue and white as the décor colours. Make little Scottish flags and have them all around the room. You can serve some quality Scottish whisky at the party and make some simple Scottish foods.

As entertainment you could consider playing some of the best Scottish singers as well as play a few drinking games. You can finish the night by shooting a few fantastic roman candles in the spirit of Braveheart.

A Space Exploration

There are plenty of great things happening in the universe this year. For instance, NASA is planning to test its new spacecraft Orion later this year. Therefore a proper space themed party is a fun idea to go with.

Hang some different planets all around your room as decoration and light a lot of candles to represent the stars, for example. Serve some very simple basic finger foods and organise a space quiz for the guests.

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