5 Clever Ways Make Food More Tasty

Food can be a great way to stay happy and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. It is also really important to introduce yourself to new flavours as this can really enhance the way you enjoy food.

To make cooking a little bit more fun and help you cook delicious foods here are five clever ways to spice up your food.

1. Substitute Milk And Cream

For certain dishes you can create a change in flavour by substituting certain ingredients. For example, instead of using normal cream try adding coconut milk instead.

You could also try soymilk with some foods. This creates a little bit different taste and ensures the food tastes lovely.

2. Match Sweet With Savoury

Cooking is all about finding great taste combinations and you really need to be very experimental in the kitchen. One very classic combination that can guarantee your food tastes good is to match sweet with savoury. For instance, pork and apple are a classic combination that is a good balance of different opposite flavours.

Very heavy cheese foods can also benefit from more fruity light tastes. You can also add some surprising elements to salads by using some nuts that give more depth to the light salad taste.

3. Learn How To Use Herbs

Herbs can be a great way to add flavour to your food. You don’t need to use too many and you can try out different herbs to find the ones you like the most.

There are some things you need to know about herbs and the Spark People website has some good tips on using herbs as part of your cooking. For example, when using fresh herbs don’t add them during the cooking process but only use them at the end.

4. Try Using Alcohol In Cooking

For adult taste alcohol is also a great option to consider as part of cooking. There are so many different recipes that make use of different types of alcohol. In very many recipes the alcohol is also reduced so that you won’t really get any alcohol with your food but receive just the benefits of the taste. This can often make the recipes very safe to eat with kids as well.

Wine and beer are very good options to consider. They add really nice flavour for instance for chicken and lamb meals. In desserts you should consider some port wine and whiskey, for example.

5. Surprise Flavours With Meat

You can often use some different meat in your dishes to add a bit of flavour to your food. For example, pancetta is a really good ingredient that can change the way a dish tastes. Instead of making your usual meatballs and spaghetti sauce try adding some pancetta to the sauce as well. It also works really well in oven dishes as well and can add more flavour to bread sticks.

The above five tips are really simple but clever ways of adding more flavour to your food. They can help make cooking more fun and guarantee you like to eat your own meals.

License: Creative Commons image source

Karen is really enthusiastic cook who is always looking for new recipe ideas on the internet. She also likes to learn more about quality wines and spends time reading wine vintage chart information for more tips on the subject. She also loves playing card games.

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