Besides being Malaysia’s business hub, Kuala Lumpur is also an ideal tourist destination. It is the house of one of the world’s architectural gemstones; the Petronas Towers. They are one of the ten tallest buildings in the world and is connected via Skybridge, which happens to be the world’s highest 2 storey bridge. This futuristic 88-floor wonder gives a breath-taking view of the city. Within the Petronas, you can enrich your experience further by listening to classical Malaysian music by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra or enjoy the world of science in a fun and interactive way at the Discovery Centre.

Another architecture icon of the country is the KL Tower which is a prominent feature of the city’s skyline because its layout and design is heavily influenced by Islamic art.Another reason why it is a must tourist attraction is that the tower is surrounded by Bukit Nanas Forest which is home to some of the world’s most exotic flora and fauna species.

Malaysia’s natural beauty can also be admired by visiting Perdana Botanical Gardens, famously known as the Lake Gardens. Tourists can undertake a variety of activities when they visit the gardens. Besides getting a chance to walk through miles of green paradise, they can also enjoy the sights offered by the Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Deer Park, and Orchid Garden within the premises of the Lake Gardens. Another sight of beauty that needs to be on the itinerary is the famous KL Aquaria, which is walking distance from the Petronas Tower. It consists of an underground tunnel, which takes the visitors within the depth of KL waters and shows them the home of 5,000 aquatic and land-based exotic species.

Tourists can have a closer interaction with the wildlife if they visit the Touchpool area of the Aquaria. They can also enjoy watching the live show in which experienced divers go into the water to interact and feed the animals.

Kuala Lumpur is a perfect destination for getting much deserved retail therapy. Housing three of the world’s ten largest malls, KL offers a world class experience to its shoppers.

The BBKLCC shopping strip, which goes from Butik Bintang to City Centre, accommodates nine branded malls and has been made widely accessible to everyone. It offers a variety of choices with respect to fashion outlets, entertainment venues and eateries.

In order to get a flavor of the local Malaysian culture, tourists can also plan a day on Petaling Street, the original Chinatown of the capital city. It is an ideal place to get best bargains and to experience the authentic Chinese cuisine.

You can also visit Chan See Shu Yuen Temple situated, at the end of the Petaling Street,which is more than a century old and houses elaborate ceramic sculptures and detailed paintings. The South Indian Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is also situated on the Petaling Street and is the most famous Hindu temple of the country. It is filled with gold statues of Hindu deitiesand precious stones.

Kuala Lumpur tour will prove to be a perfect holiday retreat because it offers something to everyone. Innovative mega structures combined with picturesque landscape, makes it idyllic for everyone.

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PromTimes with a collection of best dresses has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. PromTimes stood for providing quality goods, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream.

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Personal Water Misters and Misting Fans – The Perfect Golf Accessory to Keep you Cool and Possibly even Lower your Score

Summer often brings along with it soaring temperatures and unbearable heat, and because of this,  it can easily turn your favorite outdoor activity into a rather tedious and hectic task. Such can be said for a host of activities like hiking, biking, and playing a host of sports including golf.  Golfers are often exposed to the hot, relentless heat for hours at a time with little shade to retreat too. This could lead one to hit the ball towards a tree just to get some relief – “come on we have all done it”.

Fortunately, there has been a breakthrough in this particular field of issue and personal water misters have been introduced to golfers and it really take the edge off the heat.  They allow them to enjoy, not endure, a full game of summer golf and will keep them from running for shade or resigning early because of the soaring mercury.


So what is a Personal Water Mister? It is a specially designed and engineered apparatus which pushes water, under pressure, through a specially designed nozzle creating super fine particles of water. These atomized particles of water start to evaporate immediately drawing heat from the surrounding area as they evaporate, thereby reducing the temperature by up to 30 degrees F.  Some even come with fans to add to the cooling effect.

We are not talking about the cheap spray bottles (some with fans) that just splatter water all over you, getting everything wet.  These are real high pressure (80 to 90 PSI) portable misters that delivery a super fine evaporative mist that really cools you down.

A quality personal water mister resembles the mister installed in the backyard patio since that particular device also pushes water under pressure, through a nozzle and creates a mist which greatly reduces the surrounding temperatures, thereby proving to be an essential accessory for summer. We are not talking about the cheap spray bottles (some with fans) that just splatter water on you, getting everything wet.

These are real high pressure (80 to 90 PSI) portable misters that delivery a super fine evaporative mist that really cools you down.

Perks of a personal water mister – A personal water mister is a portable device,  small enough to easily fit inside a golf cart or a golf bag, weighing, at the most two pounds. The greatest benefit of the mister is that it can easily reduce the temperature up to 30 degrees F.

Also, since you only have to use them occasionally, they can give you up to three hours of service every time you hit the course, which is enough time to make a trip to the clubhouse to refill it prior to the back nine, after which you are good to go for another three hours.

A personal mister differs from the usual patio mister in only one aspect, which is, a personal mister uses a bottle which holds the water and pressurizes the water through the nozzle with the help of a pump, and creates the mist. However, the patio mister requires a steady source of water which usually turns out to be the outdoor faucet, connected to a domestic water line or a large electric pump. Therefore, the patio mister is not portable and cannot accompany you were ever you go; unlike the personal mister.

Personal water misters are perfect for golfers, since they remain out in the heat for hours during summer. And in spite of the love for the game it does become rather uncomfortable. Therefore, all you need is this very special little bottle of water which will reduce the temperature and make the sport the perfect outdoor activity you always thought it to be.

Even during hottest days of the summer. The truth is that it may or may not actually improve your golf skills or lower your score, but it will definitely ensure that you keep playing and not running from the golf course because of the intense heat waves.

Along with personal misters, certain clubs have gone ahead and installed misters in their golf carts. The golf cart misting system works the same way as the personal mister, except that it has a much larger storage gear in the form of a tank, attached to the back of the golf carts. The nozzles are attached near the head of the passenger seats and when switched on it creates the perfect mist for the ones travelling in the carts.

The cart mister, as with all other mist cooling devices, has been developed by employing the basic theories of evaporative cooling and thermal dynamics, which just removes the heat, leaving a cool refreshing temperature behind. It works for six hours per fill, less than five decibels and reduces temperatures by up to 25 degrees.

So, if you are nowhere close to the clubhouse and your personal mister has run out of water, you can just switch on the cart mister and enjoy the cool mist for the next six hours.

Therefore, if you are a golfer, your prayers have surely been answered. Do not think about quitting your favorite activity or even limiting it during the summer season.  Just let the latest in mist cooling technology take care of the temperature issues so you can enjoy your game just like you used to. Just grab your personal water mister and hit the course, you will surely not feel overheated with your very own cooling device.

Plus you are sure to be the envy of all the other golfers that do not have one and are left to swelter in the heat while you get ready to have your best game ever – well at least your “coolest game”.

How To Become a Pro With Solving Crosswords Puzzles

Solving puzzles and crosswords can be a great stress buster. You realize a sense of achievement and joy when you are able to solve the maximum number of clues. If you good at number game, then something like Sudoku will interest you the most.

Similarly a lot of magazines and leading newspapers come up with daily or weekly crossword puzzles. You can try your hand at online quizzes as well.

Solving these not only lends you a brain storming session, but lets you forget the day to day worries of life.

A few great tips in helping you succeed from being an amateur to becoming a pro all the way through.

How To Become a Pro With Solving Crosswords Puzzles

Image Credits: Flickr

Fill in the blanks

Some quizzes are based on filling a word or a phrase to form interesting proverbs and idioms. You can improve your diction by practicing these kind of crossword puzzles. To start with, read a lot of international best sellers, a simple author to start off with before you go ahead with the rave ones. Watching a lot of English movies will also help you a great deal in solving an idiom based puzzle.

3, 4 and 5 letters

In a crossword, you have horizontal and vertical bars with clues running on both the sides. You can find the first two letters and the last two letters. Try filling the 3, 4 or 5th letter with vowels i.e. a, e, i, o and u. See if you are able to derive at a logical word.

Or try using common consonants like the letters b, h, k, l, etc. Somehow, somewhere down the line, you should be able to crack the right word. Sometimes, if you are able to find one complicated word, you might be able to find two or three more words in a row.

Check for codes

With the help of clues, look for words ending in S, ED, EST or ING. You might come up with feasible solutions. You can try penciling out these options. You can check with crosswords solutions in the next edition to find if the logic holds good or not.

For instance, if the across and down clues connote the plural of two words, there is a 100% possibility that the word ends in S. An abbreviated form of word can actually be the word. Sometimes the clue can say, isn’t it nice to go to ME? M E can denote Mount Everest. These clues are accepted by the American norms of puzzling conventions.


While guessing answers, mark them with a light shaded pencil so that answers can be erased easily. Online guesses are still better, wherein a wrong answer can be erased with the click of a mouse.

Don’t assume stuff

A lot of words in the English language can share the same word butwith an entirely different meaning or used in a completely different context all together. For example the word entrance means Door, Gateway or opening.

There is also one more entirely different meaning namely ‘to fill with delight or wonder’. Similarly, a lot of people get confused between embrace and embarrass. Both are two different sets of words with different meanings.

Puzzle constructors love to confuse the solver

Mordo crossword solutions

A lot of puzzle constructors give confusing clues so as to make the puzzles interesting and challenging for you guys to solve.

For example if the clue says Doctor’s number, the word can mean Anesthetic, while you pick the clue from the word number, as something that makes you numb. Think outside the box and inside of the grid.

These tips and ideas go a long way in helping you shape up as an expert puzzle solver.

Innovative Tips On How To Finish Crossword Puzzles

Many of you might easily be able to wade through first few words, both horizontally and vertically. However, a few words forming the finish line might just be as hard as climbing the cliff of the mountain. This is not when you should get bogged down.

A few interesting tricks to help you finish off the puzzle in style.

Innovative Tips On How To Finish Crossword Puzzles

Fill in the blank spaces

Haven’t you done fill in the blanks at school. Like for example, Akbar is the most —————– king among Mughals.

And the answer is powerful. In a crossword puzzle, it can be ———- fools and the word is April. Try filling in most of the crosswords solutions covering the grid on blank words. This is the easier lot to solve among other forms.

Return to the starting point, with a second round of go through on clues

At the first go of having started with the crossword, you may be successful in finding out a few words, may be 5 on 25. And you get a little tired of sitting over the crossword, thinking and thinking on what the other set of words could be. Relax a while.

Take it cool. Just leave the cross words and engage in other activities. While you return back, give a second glance at the set of clues for the words which have not yet been cracked.

You may find 5 more this time. Now your score is 10 words off 25. And you feel much better this time.

Repeat the above step several times, until you finish up the entire grid

Let it take even a week. Keep revisiting the same puzzle and read through the clues again and again until you finish up 90% of the words.

Look for answers in the next edition and jot down the set of clues and the connected set of words, which you simply couldn’t crack. This helps you build on your vocab. Solve simple and easy to do puzzles first and then try on intermediate levels to take up the challenge of solving harder puzzles.

Most of the leading newspapers follow a usual routine as far as solving puzzles is concerned. Mondays are easiest while Fridays are the hardest.

Spend a lot of time on theme based clues

A lot of words or phrases are used pertaining to Christmas, New Year or Easter. You can refer to the festive edition newspapers to get a fair clue on how these words are being used.

Same way, think of other theme based clues. These are based on famous crossword puzzles. Refer to the internet to give you better ideas on how to crack theme based clues.

Jingle bells rhyme is the clue used while the word can mean one horse open sleigh or simply open sleigh.

Missing letters

While cracking a lot of other words, you might have accidentally rubbed on important syllables or consonants forming the base of un-cracked words.

For example, it might be V–L-T. The clue says, Rainbows look beautiful. You can guess the word as Violet which is the first color on VIBGYOR- abbreviated form of Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

Find the word that best matches the fit

Final step is Review clues which to failed to unveil or you found the words by a mere fluke, without having any idea or knowledge on the same

Jot down answers from the Answers edition and write down the words which you were never able to find. And put these to memory. Next time, you come across a similar clue, you can easily locate the word in one shot.

These simple tips help you finish crosswords with an easy nick.

Image Credits:Flickr

No More Fish Tales! The Proof Is In The Photo!

Photography Tips for Capturing your Monster Key West Haul

Aside from the lack of Gore-Tex raingear, the most frustrating thing about being a fisherman back in Ernest Hemingway’s day was the difficulty in getting a sweet photo for your big catch. These old-timers couldn’t just haul out their iPhone on deck and snap away to their heart’s content!

How many people thought their grandfather’s tales of the “big one” were grossly exaggerated?

Hemingway with Two Sailfish

Well, it was all because – Hemingway’s feats notwithstanding – they had no photographic evidence to back up their stories.

Those days are long gone, and digital cameras are now standard in any angler’s gear bag or top pocket. They come in all shapes and sizes and are as tough as you need them to be. Don’t leave shore without one. But before you head off on that big fishing trip, take a look through some of these do’s and don’ts to help you best capture your Key West big catch.

Do get familiar with your camera and know its settings. These days, cameras can capture an exact moment in amazingly graphic detail, but you still need to learn how to best use their features. Before your big fishing trip, take some time to test out all the great features on your camera.

Do set your camera on its highest resolution. There are loads of simple ways to shrink a photo, but no good way to blow up a photo that has been captured on poor resolution. Treat each photo like it could be the shot of the big one. You may want a lower resolution for your everyday shots, but go ahead and use up a few more mega-bytes for your once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip.

Where possible snap and release… the fish, that is. If you do want to get a photo of yourself with the big one you let go free, here are some simple tips from Key West Charter Boat Row to Captain Richie Gomez, to make sure the fish you set free stays alive: “Hold the fish horizontally, as holding them head or tails up can be harmful,” says the captain. “Much like hanging a human up by their feet causes a rush of blood to the head. Fish are very simple creatures and their organs are set up so that they function best in a horizontal position.” Don’t wipe the protective “goop” off the fish either; it protects the fish from bacterial infection. Your mate will help you get the fish released as quickly as possible to make it likely to live for another day of sport fishing!

Sailfish caught on Key West Charter Row boat

Don’t just snap away wildly. It is one thing to take advantage of the digital age, but don’t go overboard (pun intended). Think carefully about the background. Do you want to include the boat, the jetty or just have you and the fish in the shot? The best fishing shot is the shot out on the water where fish was caught. It will come across as the most genuine and you’ll look far happier in that shot than in the photo back on shore after a long day at sea.

Do make sure the camera is focused on the smiling face of the fisherman and the fish. These are the important features of a trophy photo. Don’t sacrifice a great photo trying to get the angler in from head to toe.

Do hold the fish close to you to allow the camera to get both fisherman and fish clearly in focus. The further away you hold the fish, the more likely one of you will be out of focus. If you’re holding onto a large live fish don’t let safety take a backseat to your eagerness to get a great shot.

Dolphin caught off Key West

Don’t wear a cap for the photo. The bill casts a shadow on your face leaving you looking like the Invisible Man.

The person taking the photo should be standing with their back to the sun and the fisherman with his catch should be looking into sun for the best lighting. This may cause you to squint. Some may disagree but sunglasses are a cool alternative to squinting. You can’t always look into the sun, though. Kodak recommends you use a flash in this sort of instance, yes, even outdoors.

Do take multiple photos. Digital photography is a numbers game. The more shots you take the better chance you have of getting a really good one. It’s not all that dissimilar to fishing. The more times you get out there the better your chances are of landing the big one.

Check out these additional tips for taking fishing photos from BOAT US. There are pointers for both SLF cameras and digital point and shooters.

Good luck and tightlines from your fishing captains in Key West!

License: Creative Commons image source


Life After The Armed Forces

Without a doubt, when coming home from war, a person will face an uphill battle. Not only is it hard to cope with the day-to-day life after war, but one will have other battles to face. Sadly, our society is not always ready for this and, as a result, many veterans are lost and have no direction in life.

While this is true, it is important to highlight the common problems they face when coming back home and ways to combat these difficulties. Here are five common issues veterans face when coming home after war.


When in a foreign country where bombs explode and people kill each other, one will check out mentally. This is a common problem that causes many sufferers to come home and have trouble functioning in their life. With post dramatic stress syndrome, a veteran will have difficulty in talking about his or her experiences.

At the same time, when emotionally crippled, a person will have a hard time landing a job, returning to school, and dealing with their family. Sadly, this is a common occurrence and many end up in therapy to fix the issue.

Other times, when ignoring it for too long, some people end up committing suicide. Either way, our society needs to do more to reach out to sufferers of PTSD as it is a serious and real illness.

Handicap physically

When in combat, people often lose their limbs or suffer other debilitating injuries. Other times, one will have a dramatic brain or spinal injury. When this happens, some veterans will have a hard time getting around town and to their work or school.

For this reason, a disabled vet should research handicap vans. With this, he or she can go to and from work or school without trouble. Simply put, with a small investment in the right transportation, a person can live their full life again. Otherwise, without doing this, one will have a hard time leaving the house.

Job prospects

Sadly, when getting back home, many do not have a job. At the same time, while the military trains people for some jobs, it does not support them in civilian life all the time. When this happens, many veterans will face an uphill battle.

When going into an interview, a veteran may have a hard time as other people will have more real world experience. To fix this, a returning vet should go back to school or try to get training for a civilian job.

Companies should also provide courses and trainings to help veterans get up to speed. To help with this problem, many companies provide additional points to vets during the hiring process.


All too often, when getting back from combat, one will have a hard time connecting with their friends. When this happens, many end up in a bad place as it is hard to live a happy and fulfilling life without a lot of friends.

To avoid this issue, when returning from combat, a spouse or friend should encourage the veteran to get in touch with friends. This can be friends who are in the military or civilians. Either way, with a large support group, it is harder to get lost in the mix. Remember, people need friends, and this is especially true when thinking about returning veterans.

Domestic problems

Without a doubt, we have all heard the news stories of a man coming home from war and going on a rampage or fighting with his spouse or kids. This is a very real problem that needs action. To help with this, society needs a serious approach as it is not easy to help a person once they come back from war.

By having counseling available, a returning vet can feel good about life and avoid problems at home.

Simply put, with a proactive approach, society can devise a plan to reverse the scary domestic violence trends.

When coming back from war, veterans face an increasingly hard uphill battle. Luckily, with a few steps in the right direction, we can fix the underlying issues through counseling, emotional support, and the proper physical accommodations. Veterans should feel hopeful with the available help and realize that they just need to reach out and find that help.

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Review: Saffola Total Oil

When it comes to cooking we all are in a fix about which oil to choose! Each brand claims to be the best and that confuses the consumers even more. But when you are talking about Marico group then you can trust their claims and if they say that it is good for the heart then it definitely is. Their claims and if they say that it is good for the heart then it definitely is.


Benefits of Saffola Oil

Olive Oil is not as powerful as Saffola Total if you compare the anti-oxidant power. In fact Saffola Oil contains double anti-oxidant power than Olive Oil. If you have any heart patient in your house then this oil is a must buy because the anti-oxidant, helps in fighting the harmful free radicals which causes cell-damage and might even lead to coronary heart diseases.

Even the fatty acids that are present in this oil are found in a balanced way which is considered to be appropriate for overall well-being and also for your heart.

Lososrb Technology helps us in consuming less fat. Want to know how? This technology encourages 10% less oil absorption in the food than olive oil. This ensures that the total fat that is added to the food due to oils is reduced, making the food much healthier for us to consume.

The Multiseed technology offers you the benefit of two oils in one thus helping you to get the best of the Saffola Total Oil.

Helping in reducing heart diseases

The health benefit that it provides cannot be ignored and needs special mention in here. The antioxidant present in the oil helps you to protect your heart from various diseases. It ensures that –

  • Bad cholesterol is reduced in numbers, thus maintaining your heart’s health
  • Cell integrity is maintained
  • Harmful free radicals are damaged so that it cannot weaken the cell
  • Blocking of arteries is prevented
  • Your arteries are kept hale and hearty

Therefore, you see the anti-oxidant present in this oil has increased the health benefit and has made it easy for the consumers to choose this oil over others.

If you are sick and tired of the smell of oil in your food, then it is good that you replace your present oil with Saffola Oil as it doesn’t have any residual smell and it doesn’t even produce much smoke while cooking.

With just INR 180 per liter cost it is providing you double the benefit. We all know how costly curing heart disease can be but his oil ensures that the harmful free radicals that causes all the damage is kept at bay. These harmful free radicals can cause not only cell damage, but also leads to the formation of plaque or clogged arteries. These free radicals are formed due to some external factors like pollution, smoking, etc. and some internal cellular processes. Hence it becomes very important that we control these free molecules and protect our heart from any serious damage. Stay healthy by including this oil in your regular diet.

Top Tips For Sorting Out The Annual Occasions

The wonderful thing about life is the fact that there is so much to celebrate. There are birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and weddings to go to each year. But getting the gifts and cards sorted out can sometimes be a nightmare.

To help you deal with these situations better it is a good idea to check out these top tips. They will help you sort out all of your annual occasions and prepare for them in style.



Keep A Good List

You should start your preparation by keeping a good list of all the occasions that are ahead of you. The best way is to categorise them under headings such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, for example. Once you have them categorised you can easily just add a new occasion to the list once you hear about them. Make sure you list them all according to the month it takes place.

Get a nice desk diary to make all of this easier. Calendar Club website has a wide range of fun calendars if you are still looking for one, for instance.

Set Alarms

You should then also consider putting it all for your phone calendar as well with a notification to remind you about the looming day. There are also plenty of good apps that you can use for this purpose as well. If you need to prepare for the occasion by purchasing a gift it is a good idea to set an alarm for up to two weeks prior to the occasion.

If you are only sending a card for the person a week in advance is usually enough. For bigger occasions such as weddings you also want to set alarms for other preparations. For example, you might need to purchase a new dress or book a hotel for the occasion. When something like this does come up make sure you set the alarm for it immediately.

It is all too easy to think that you’ll do it in the evening only to realise a few months later that you forget about the occasion altogether.

Don’t Forget Online Shopping

It is also a good idea to consider shopping for gifts and cards online. This can save you a lot of time since you can do it as soon as you remember or when you have time. Set a bookmark group for gift sites that you like. This way you can check them out first when you are looking for a gift. Keep in mind that you can often send online deliveries straight for the person.

It is even possible to deliver gift cupcakes by post, so you really have all kinds of options available. Remember that if you see something nice online you can get it purchased there and then.

Just have a box ready for gifts that you have bought in advance and set a notification for yourself that you already have the gift. Make sure that you also shop securely when you are shopping online. The internet is a great helpful tool for planning your annual gift shopping if you know how to stay safe.

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Finding The Right Pair Of Trainers

How to Find the Right Pair of Trainers

Running and walking are cost-effective and environmentally friendly forms of exercise. However, with a wide range of trainers available for purchase, it can be difficult to select the best shoes for your needs. If you choose the wrong type of trainers, you could end up sporting a wide range of painful injuries.
Here is some advice to consider before you dip into your savings and purchase new sports footwear: 

Know your feet
Feet come in a range of shapes and sizes – and knowing your feet’s quirks is the key to choosing the right pair of trainers for exercise. One way to determine the shape of your feet is to perform a “wet test”, which involves wetting your feet, stepping on a piece of dark coloured paper and examining the characteristics of the imprints you have created.

If your imprints show the soles of your feet, with little or no curve on the inside, you have flat feet. This means that your feet are over-pronated (they roll inwards when you place them on the ground). Over-pronation can cause extra wear and tear on the heels and inside edges of your shoes. When purchasing trainers for your over-pronated feet, you will need look towards models with motion-control features.
If your imprints show only a small portion of your forefeet and heels, with an indistinct connection between the two, you have high-arched feet. This means that your feet are under-pronated (they roll outwards). Under-pronation can cause extra wear and tear on the outer edges of the heels of your shoes. When selecting trainers for your under-pronated feet, you should look for cushioned models with soft midsoles.
If your imprints feature a distinct curve along the inside, you have neutrally-arched feet. The wear and tear on your shoes should therefore look entirely uniform. When buying trainers for your neutrally-arched feet, you should look towards stability shoes featuring a blend of cushioning and support.

Measure your feet

Contrary to popular belief, your shoe size will not remain the same throughout the course of your adult life. This means that you must measure your feet before buying new shoes. Sizes can also vary between trainer brands, so you should always try on your chosen shoes before you take them to the checkout.

Pay attention to the rule of thumb
When trying on trainers, there should be a thumb-width sized gap between the front of your big toe and the end of your shoe, and you should be able to wiggle your toes with ease. Your heel should fit into your shoe relatively tightly; it should not slide up and down when you walk.

Choose trainers to suit your chosen activities
If you enjoy partaking in a wide range of sports, you should choose a pair of trainers for each sport. Walking trainers, for example, feature less cushioning than running trainers, which means that they will not be able to protect your feet from the impact of running.

While most good activewear retailers are staffed by knowledgeable sales assistants who will guide you through your options, you should arm yourself with some basic facts before you step foot into your local shoe stop. Whilst the latest coloured trainers may catch your eye, it is best to choose a pair of trainers that fit you perfectly, regardless of their colour, brand or popularity.